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I don´t understand why my list dosn´t get returned to the class and stay there after i call my second function, here is my code:

class ShockAbsorber:
    '''create Proxy, based of 2 locators'''
    def createProxy(self):
        self.allLoc = {}
        self.allLoc["CylinderLoc"] = pm.spaceLocator (n = "Cylinder_Loc")
        self.allLoc["PistonLoc"] = pm.spaceLocator (n = "Piston_Loc", p =[0,30,0])

    '''create bones on locators'''
    def createRig(self):
        for name,loc in self.allLoc.items():
            print Loc

I have an interface on a separete file that create 2 buttons one for each function.

    #define button Create Proxy
def CreateProxyPressed(self):
    csa = sa.ShockAbsorber() 

#define button Create Proxy
def CreateRigPressed(self):
    csa = sa.ShockAbsorber() 

If I run my code I recive this error message:

AttributeError: ShockAbsorber instance has no attribute 'allLoc'

I hope this is enought information for you to understand my problem, I´m besically writing a tool For "Autodesk Maya". I´m pretty sure my concept is correct, so what I´m I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I´m sorry guys for the confusion but I now edited my code to be correct after you spotted my typo!

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In CreateRigPressed you create a new instance of ShockAbsorber and call csa.createRig(). This instance has no allLoc. –  Matthias Feb 5 '13 at 13:20
Ok got it, thank you! Solution would be this on my button functions: code #define button Create Proxy def CreateProxyPressed(self): self.csa = sa.ShockAbsorber() self.csa.createProxy() #define button Create Proxy def CreateRigPressed(self): self.csa.createRig() –  user2042999 Feb 5 '13 at 13:44

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You need to store allLoc in the class instance, instead of returning it:

def createProxy(self, *args):
    allLoc = {}
    allLoc["CylinderLoc"] = pm.spaceLocator (n = "Cylinder_Loc")
    allLoc["PistonLoc"] = pm.spaceLocator (n = "Piston_Loc", p =[0,30,0])
    self.allLoc = allLoc
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I´m sorry you are absolutly right about that ( i forgot to change that bit of code after many try), but this is not solving the same problem. (I´ll edit my code anyway to see if you understand better. –  user2042999 Feb 5 '13 at 12:59

createProxy needs to set self.allLoc. You are setting the local name allLoc only.

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