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i want to retrieve a string which falls between two specified strings multiple times in a file

i tried this, but this doesnt work

/(?m)"String 1"!.*?"String2":/;

i want every thing that falls between "String 1" and "String 2"

Please help

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Give sample input and output. –  tuxuday Feb 5 '13 at 12:46
I think flip-flop will help here –  Zaid Feb 5 '13 at 13:24

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Assuming your input string is like this

$str='String 1GIANT FISHString 2'

this will work

($wanted)= $str =~ /String 1(.*)String 2/

$wanted is now "GIANT FISH"

dah..multiline in a file...edit coming up

ok with multiline, assuming input of

String 1Line oneString 2
String 1GIANT FISHString 2
String 1String2

this will get all the strings

(@wanted)= $str =~ /String 1(.*)String 2/g

@wanted has three entries

('Line one','GIANT FISH','')

In the second regex, g for global finds all matches in the string

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Below will do:

perl -lne 'push @a,/string(.*?)string/g;END{print "@a"}'

the two strings are string and string and anything lying between them will be stroed as an array element.Below is the example that i have tested for the purpose.you can anyhow change the two string to which ever string you need.


> cat temp

> perl -lne 'push @a,/string(.*?)string/g;END{print "@a"}' temp
123 234 456 789
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will this work if the first "string" is in line 1 and second "string" is in line 6, will it give the content between line 1 and 6 between the two "string" –  Vidur Oberoi Feb 6 '13 at 11:49

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