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I wants to start TDD using Rspec so From where I should start

1) How to get Rspec integration in rails? 2) From where I can get documentation related help? 3) How I get basic guide to start and support to advance is available? 4) What gems combinations are best to use? 5) Need free resources not pricing related lectures

Note: Kindly don't provide Links which require login and pricing involved also don't need a heavy book :) I want to learn to the point things instead of reading a boring book.

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Do you know how to use rspec ? Or are you interested in the rspec-rails integration piece.

For the latter you can take a look at the rspec-rails gem. Usually you'd update the Gemfile file in your rails project directory to include this gem for the dev and test environments. Then run

bundle update

That should install the gem. You then follow that up with this to create the spec folder et.all.

rails generate rspec:install

Now when you generate a model, it should create the stubs for the spec files as well.

I'm using the Rspec book and the pragprog rails book. Still reading..

I see a free tutorial that might work for you.

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Brother, Frankly speaking just First link is help full for me :) Thanks for first link all other are asking for payment ;) – Taimoor Changaiz Feb 5 '13 at 17:43
I found a zip of 3 screencasts on the last link.. Still to watch it. There's also a related question of 'tdd with rails' on this site that you can search for.. it has a link that test-drives a rails model from the ground up. – Gishu Feb 6 '13 at 3:33

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