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First, I'm aware of this question which didn't get answered because what the OP was really trying to do was'nt incrementing an identity column

I've got an identity column with a current seed value of x, and I would like to reseed it to x+1 (ie I want my identity column to jump directly from x to x+2.

I know I can do that using the following command

create procedure IncrementSeedValue
@TableName varchar(255),
@IncrementValue int

    declare @v bigint
    select @v = IDENT_CURRENT(@TableName)+@IncrementValue
    DBCC CHECKIDENT (@TableName, RESEED, @v )

However, I've got a few questions :

  • Is the isolation level "serializable" adequate here?
  • Would that lead to problem if I'm using SQL Server mirroring
  • Are there other pitfalls I should be aware of ?
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Via transaction...? – Dirk Sep 24 '09 at 10:47

An IDENTITY value is consumed for every INSERT.

I would either INSERT a value and immediately DELETE it, or INSERT the value and issue a ROLLBACK.

In either case, the IDENTITY value will be consumed.

I don't feel that DBCC commands should be used in "normal" code and should be reserved for administrative tasks only.

Or, if you can use SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON and calculate what the next value with the skipped value should be.

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