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I'm using Qt Creator on Windows and Linux using the same project folder. The problem is Qt Creator created CMakeLists.txt.user (or project_name.pro.user for qmake projects) file in the project directory. Every time I switch OS, Qt Creator fails to load settings file and rewrites it with default settings, which is annoying. How to solve this problem?

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I believe it happens because your compiller preferences change with the OS, and there is no way to save your user file to be rewritten, unless you manually backup it.

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I would like to know the answer to this question, when it is the same OS, or in fact it is on the same machine, but different folder. I want every project paths to be relative to the project directory, while the tool-chain should be in absolute path. Is there any way to do it easily? Currently I just remove .pro.user and then manually add it back, by visually comparing each items in the Build (for build) and Run (for many sets of the running arguments). –  Robin Hsu Jan 29 at 6:55

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