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how you manage models relations with angular? It is very easy in Ember, but how to deal with it in angular and not produce bunch of messy code?

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Can you give some example? In AngularJS you manipulate with javascript objects, so you can directly reference other objects and then $watch them (don't forget to set true to second parameter). Also there is Dependency injection so you can inject depended objects (note value method of module) –  Valentyn Shybanov Feb 5 '13 at 14:53

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I use https://github.com/klederson/ModelCore/ it's very simple and easy to use

var ExampleApp = angular.module('ExampleApp', ['ModelCore']); //injecting ModelCore

ExampleApp.factory("Users",function(ModelCore) {
  return ModelCore.instance({
    $type : "Users", //Define the Object type
    $pkField : "idUser", //Define the Object primary key
    $settings : {
      urls : {
        base : "http://myapi.com/users/:idUser",
    $myCustomMethod : function(info) { //yes you can create and apply your own custom methods

And then i just need to inject into my controller and use it

function MainCrtl($scope, Users) {
  //Setup a model to example a $find() call
  $scope.AllUsers = new Users();

  //Get All Users from the API
  $scope.AllUsers.$find().success(function() {
    var current;
    while(current = $scope.AllUsers.$fetch()) { //fetching on masters object
      console.log("Fetched Data into Master Object",$scope.AllUsers.$toObject()) //reading fetched from master
      //or just get the fetched object itself
      console.log("Real fetched Object",current.$toObject())
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Angular doesn't have a "data store" layer like ember-data, but you can integrate any existing ORM if you'd like to - Which JavaScript ORM to use?

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