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I am trying to get the Robot class to right click on a image on the screen so that I can save it. The problem is though that I cannot seem to get the Robot to successfully simulate a right click. Here is some sample code of what I am doing.

It seems that BUTTON2_DOWN_MASK is the mask for the scroll wheel. Whenever I execute this code it first just regularly clicks at the location but then the scroll wheel super fast move circle pops up and tells me I can now scroll at light speed, but I wanted a right click..


// This is the function I use to simulate a full click at location x,y on the screen
// Rob is my Robot
public void click(int x, int y, int mask)
    rob.mouseMove(x, y);

// This is the few lines of code that call this function
// sleepy just calls the Thread.sleep function.

sleepy(1000); // Wait one second
click(705, 390, InputEvent.BUTTON1_DOWN_MASK);
click(705, 390, InputEvent.BUTTON2_DOWN_MASK);
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You could call rob.delay(1000) instead of sleepy. – Jared Nielsen May 22 '13 at 19:09

use InputEvent.BUTTON3_DOWN_MASK for a right click. BUTTON2 is as you noticed correctly the mouse wheele and the left click is BUTTON1.

see this example.

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Well don't make me feel to stupid... Idk why I have not thought of that... – user1311286 Feb 5 '13 at 14:00
Basically since Java does a blunder here. Usually the right mouse button is considered the second mouse button and the middle one is the third. The fourth button is usually located at your thumb. – Martin Kersten Nov 23 '15 at 12:36

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