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I have millions of Search Engine Queries looks like this:

Stack Overflow
Java Video Tutorials
C++ vs Java

Now i want to implement a auto-complete function could fit these demands:

1. Type in 'so',       Prompt ['Stack Overflow','...','...']
2. Type in 'overflow', Prompt ['Stack Overflow','...']
3. Type in 'jvt',      Prompt ['Java Video Tutorials','...']

Here is my solution:

1). Extract the query's abbreviation, e.g. Stack Overflow -> SO;

2). Split the query into suffix words, e.g. Stack Overflow -> 'Overflow' + 'Stack Overflow';

3). Now we get three sequences for 'Stack Overflow':

'SO','Overflow','Stack Overflow'

4). In the last, i index these three sequences into a TrieTree, and in the last node of every sequence denote their orignal query(or query id):

'o' --> 'Stack Overflow'
'w' --> 'Stack Overflow'
'w' --> 'Stack Overflow'

But i think this is too much complexity, is there anyone has a better solution ? Thanks so much !

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how do you know so = stack overflow, not say 'system overload'? this algorithm is a bit more complicated that what you are proposing. –  Randy Feb 5 '13 at 14:04
@Randy I mean the prompting shows a list contains 'stack overflow', the list could alose contains 'system overload'.:D thanks ! –  MrROY Feb 5 '13 at 14:08
Any particular reason why you're building this yourself as opposed to levering something like Lucene to do your dirty work? (adding a token filter that turns "Stack Overflow" into ["Stack Overflow", "SO", "Overflow"] should not be too hard) –  akaIDIOT Feb 5 '13 at 14:08
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