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Similar questions exist, but i found none mentionning the silent join table problem.

I have a simple SQL query with a join but can't convert it to DQL, because of this join table. There are two entities, Shop and Client, linked by a ManyToMany association.

Doctrine2 silently made a join table: shop_client.

Now, if i want to get all clients that do not belong to a given shop i simlpy do:

SELECT FROM `client` AS c
JOIN `shop_client` AS sc
    ON sc.client_id =
    AND sc.shop_id != :shop_id

This is straight forward, really easy, but i cannot come up with the DQL version.

I tried to use "EXISTS", "NOT IN", "SIZE" but could never end up with a working DQL query.

Edit: My Shop entity has a clients field, but the Client entity has no shops field.

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    Client c
            Shop s2
            s2.clients c2
   != :shopId

Also, consider that building such queries without entity definitions is like shooting in the dark. Post them with the question next time.

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That almost worked. I changed the "IN" for "NOT IN" and the "!= :shopId" for "= :shopId" and it's good. Thank you! Validated –  Ninj Feb 5 '13 at 14:43

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