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Just like in programming languages! Is it possible to do something similar as shown below in CSS?

<style type="text/css">
   .classA { properties 1,2,3... }

   .classB { properties a, b, c... }

   .classAB { inherit- classA, classB }

when using Bootstrap, I often have to use lots of div's which confuse me and even mess up my code. So, I decided know whether is there any feature as shown above..

Now when I apply, <p class="classAB"></p>, it should inherit classA and classB features!

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No, not in 'vanilla' CSS.

Use LESS or SASS, which have this functionality (and much more) and compile to CSS. See or

And of course, you could use

.classA { properties 1,2,3 }
.classB { properties a,b,c }

<div class='classA classB'>...</div>

which is not really inheritance but might do what you want.

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