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hi i am trying to do face detection without using opencv.

  • I am filtering the image to find edges of the image.

  • I am widening the edges of the image for clear.

  • I want to recognise the shape in the image like round for face or recognising shape of eye nearly something like round or square shape.

Is there any code or tutorial available to help me detect shape in image which is mainly groups of people or one person photo??

i would be greateful if anyone could guide me on this topic. i do not want to use opencv for this. Thanks in advanced. :)

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I'm totally fine with not using opencv, but that is not how face detection is done. Do you actually want to perform the face detection step mentioned at the beginning of your question, or do you want to measure your connected components ? If the later, edit your question to make it clear. –  mmgp Feb 6 '13 at 4:23
yes i want to do face detection but i do not want to use opencv. so i used sobel edge detection for the image than i want to recognise the shape for example round shape in general for human face using numpy or scipy or any otherway. because i do not know how to do face detection as i am very new to python. i also want to count the number of people present in image after face detection. i hope this cler explanation of what solution i am looking for. @mmgp –  H_shah Feb 8 '13 at 22:04

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