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Trying and trying to do something very simple in fog 1.9 with the vsphere provider. The examples in the little documentation there is not working for me.

I want to list all VMs in a folder. Simple eh?


credentials = {
    :provider => "vsphere",
    :vsphere_username => user,
    :vsphere_password=> pass,
    :vsphere_server => "vc_name",
    :vsphere_ssl    => true,
    :vsphere_expected_pubkey_hash => "1466f20c1b3f990a2a018dc2ca22a79fc2d0284ab4aac534c47blah"

compute = Fog::Compute.new(credentials)
vms = compute.servers.all('folder' => '/Datacenters/Ewl/Self-Service')

pp vms

This connects and churns away and RETURNS ALL VMs IN THE DATACENTER and not just the folder. Grr.

I've tried lots of variations on the folder variable e.g.

vms = compute.servers.all('folder' => '/Hosts & Clusters/Ewl1_vm/Self-Service')
vms = compute.servers.all('folder' => 'Self-Service')
vms = compute.servers.all('folder' => 'Self-Service','datacenter' => 'Ewl')

But all do the same thing.

I've worked through the code and it's not helped me really.


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If I'm understanding what your datacenter and folder name are, then the simple way to do this is:

vms = compute.list_virtual_machines(datacenter: 'Ewl', folder: 'Self-Service')

'folder' in the .servers.all filter hypothetically should work, but you are bound to find surprises with hidden paths, more than 1 datacenter, etc.

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Thanks for the reply @greymouser. I was shocked when I saw your take on defining the hash. I thought I'd got it really wrong! However tried it and got this... test1.rb:36: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')' ...t_virtual_machines(datacenter: 'Ewl', folder: 'Self-Service'... ^ test1.rb:36: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting $end ...al_machines(datacenter: 'Ewl', folder: 'Self-Service') The examples use a rocket => – jimmyjamesd Feb 8 '13 at 9:52
Yeah, just use the old style hash if that's what your your version of Ruby supports. Besides that, the above code should work for you. – greymouser Feb 17 '13 at 22:08
YAY Using 1.9 now and it works! Cheers @greymouser 1-up . – jimmyjamesd Feb 18 '13 at 11:57
Created gist to complete answer https://gist.github.com/jimfdavies/4976886 – jimmyjamesd Feb 18 '13 at 12:05

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