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I try to download Google Drive documents (with a Drive app) with this python function. it jumps every time to the # The file doesn't have any content stored on Drive part.

def download_file(service, drive_file):
  """Download a file's content.

    service: Drive API service instance.
    drive_file: Drive File instance.

    File's content if successful, None otherwise.
  download_url = drive_file.get('downloadUrl')
  if download_url:
    resp, content = service._http.request(download_url)
    if resp.status == 200:
      print 'Status: %s' % resp
      return content
      print 'An error occurred: %s' % resp
      return None
    # The file doesn't have any content stored on Drive.
    return None

However I never get the HTML-content of a GDrive document. Is something wrong with my mime settings (HTML Mime type) or should I use another API function?

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You need to export the Google Doc, not download it. Check the Google Drive documentation for exporting files, you will need to replace your URL with something like:

download_url = file['exportLinks']['text/html']
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Thansk for answer and editing my post. :-) Now it works! –  therealmarv Feb 5 '13 at 17:54
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