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I made a menu using dat.gui for my applcation with Three.js. It works fine, I have also discovered that pressing h key I can hide the menu created with dat.gui. My question is how can I make the menu appear/disappear directly from the code?

 var gui = new dat.GUI();
 gui.add(text, 'message');
 gui.add(text, 'speed', -5, 5);


I tried to use the property of the DOMElement hide and it works but I would like a unique way to handle this function. There is a function to call? I have noticed that JavaScript events related to the keystrokes are related to the scope via a bind in the library. But what is the correct way to do this?

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Ok found a solution by adding the following function to the prototype of dat.GUI:

  dat.GUI.prototype.removeFolder = function(name) {
    var folder = this.__folders[name];
    if (!folder) {
    delete this.__folders[name];
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Whoa... what? How is deleting a folder by name going to hide the gui? –  T.W.R.Cole Jul 9 at 5:23
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via https://code.google.com/p/dat-gui/source/browse/src/dat/gui/GUI.js line 613

close: function() {
    this.closed = true;
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I hade the same issue and solved it by:

var gui = new dat.GUI();
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This will indeed hide the menu completely, but I have a feeling he wants to simply minimize the menu rather than this. –  T.W.R.Cole Jul 9 at 5:22
But he asks for way to achieve 'pressing h' from the code. Trash talking other answers isn't an appropriate way to promote your own answer. –  Qiau Jul 9 at 5:41
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