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I want to compile two .css files each time I save my style.sass file

For example : for development with these options :

sass_options = {:debug_info => true}

And style.css for production with these options :

sass_options = {:debug_info => false}
output_style = :compressed
line_comments = false

The goal is to have a firesass ready css file on my local machine and the compressed version on svn. For the time being I have to edit config.rb each time I want to commit my change on svn.

Is it possible ?

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Is there any reason you're version controlling outputted css? – bookcasey Feb 6 '13 at 15:05

First of all, as bookcasey already mentioned, you should not store the compiled CSS in version control.

To deploy your frontend, use git hooks: Automatically Recompile SASS upon Deployment Using Git Hooks.

Second, the solution you suggested won't solve the nuisance of editing configuration each time. It's just instead of editing the config.rb, you'll have to edit your HTML to load the necessary CSS file.

But there's a handy workaround.

1) Modify your config.rb to make use of the environment flag:

if environment == :development
  sass_options  = {:debug_info => false}
  output_style  = :compressed
  line_comments = false
  sass_options  = {:debug_info => true}

2) Compile SASS with compass compile -e development for development environment and vanilla compass compile for production.


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