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We have multiple gmail and yahoo accounts (about 10 each). We use them send emails using Gmail and Yahoo SMTPs. AFter sending certain number of emails a day, both (gmail and yahoo) blocks our email accounts. Not 1 or 2 accounts but all the 10 accounts - together.

We are using PHP PEAR library. I am sure gmail and yahoo has a way to find out our server IP and they block all the emails that are sending request from that IP. Is there a way to use proxy IPs here so that gmail/yahoo do not know the requests are coming from 1 IP?

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are you asking how to avoid spam detection for your spamming needs ? –  Oren Feb 5 '13 at 15:44

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Here you are trying to cheat gmail and yahoo and they wont allow you. they are master in email solution so don't try and illegal method and waste your time.

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