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I have the following routes

App.Router.map(function(match) {
    this.route("days", { path: "/" });
    this.resource("day", { path: "/:day_id" }, function() {
        this.resource("slots", { path: "/slots" }, function() {
            this.resource("slot", { path: "/:slot_id" }, function() {
                this.route("edit", { path: "/edit" });

I have the following templates for the above

  1. is the above correct
  2. what html should be in each handlebars template if I plan to do the below (excluding days)
  3. what routes do I need to define assuming I want to do the below (excluding days)

    • when a day is selected I want to show a list of associated models (slots in this case)
    • when a slot is selected I want the html from it's index page (showing an individual slot based on the slot id param being passed to the route)


So far it looks like the routes marked with "resource" need to have an {{outlet}} available for the inner resource or route to drop in some markup.

for example the day.handlebars template has an {{outlet}} and inside my day/index.handlebars template I drop in a for loop to show each day. Next inside the slots.handlebars template I include an {{outlet}} and inside the slots/index.handlebars template I add another for loop to show each available slot.

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Here it goes

script/app/templates/application.handlebars - {{outlet}}
script/app/templates/days.handlebars - template, but it should be a `resource` 
                                       instead of a route, which results in this
script/app/templates/days/index.handlebars - will be rendered on `/days`

script/app/templates/day.handlebars - {{outlet}} inserted into `application` outlet
script/app/templates/day/index.handlebars - inserted into `day` outlet

script/app/templates/slots.handlebars - {{outlet}} inserted into `day` outlet
// this also overwrites `day/index` template, so only one of them 
// can be displayed at once

script/app/templates/slots/index.handlebars - inserted into `slots` outlet
script/app/templates/slot.handlebars - {{outlet}} inserted into `slots` outlet
script/app/templates/slot/index.handlebars - inserted into `slot` outlet
script/app/templates/slot/edit.handlebars - inserted into `slot` outlet

You should also probably define days as a resource

this.resource("days", { path: "/" });

It doesn't make any difference to the other routes, this route will still work

this.resource("day", { path: "/:day_id" } ...

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awesome! thanks for the blazing quick reply! Any chance you could explain why "days" could be a resource in this case? I just assumed if it stood alone it should be a route (or is it as simple as you blog puts it "a resource is a thing" and "a route is something to do with the thing" ? –  Toran Billups Feb 5 '13 at 18:09
It should be a resource because it is representing a resource :) NOTE: You should use this.resource for URLs that represent a noun, and this.route for URLs that represent adjectives or verbs modifying those nouns. from emberjs.com/guides/routing/defining-your-routes/#toc_resources –  Jakub Arnold Feb 5 '13 at 22:18

Adding to Jakub's answer - In case of nested resources, typically (when you want the child to be rendered over the parent) xyz.handlebars should contain just the outlet and whatever html you wanted to be part of xyz template should go into xyz/index.handlebars. That is because whenever you come back to the parent resource it will not be re-rendered, because ember assumes it to be present all the time. But siblings will always be re-rendered which in your case are slot/index and slot/edit

Regarding routes, anything that has to have a child will be a resource. In your case host/#/days and hosts/#/day are both rendered into the application outlet

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