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I'm trying to obtain a recordset and read a few fields from it. I'm not able to figure it out how put the fields into variables. The script is:

sqlQuery="$(mysql -h host -u user -ppass -D oberonsaas_v2 -s -N -e 
'select ventas.id_venta,
DATE_FORMAT(fecha_evento,"%Y%m%d") as fecha,
TIME_FORMAT(pase,"%H%i") as pase

from pases,ventas,ventas_entradas,recintos

where ventas.id_recinto = recintos.id_recinto 
and ventas.id_pase = pases.id_pase
and ventas.id_venta = ventas_entradas.id_venta
and recintos.id_cliente = 32
and ventas.estado="Pagada"
and date(fecha_venta) = date_add(date(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP),INTERVAL -1 day)')"
echo $sqlQuery

I get all the recordset in $sqlQuery, but i want to do a loop and concat the fields.

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can you provide a sample of your output ? –  X Tian Feb 5 '13 at 15:53
At this moment the output is the values of the query. I want to access the fields to format that output –  Rafael Osuna Dominguez Feb 5 '13 at 16:01
It would be useful to get an echo from the $sqlQuery. Depending on how the result appears, you can parse it by using cut, grep, etc. –  fedorqui Feb 5 '13 at 16:10

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Well I have invented some output


for i in $Result
    echo "I Have: " $i

Ouput is

$ bash t5.sh 
I Have:  21
I Have:  336
I Have:  purchase
I Have:  tarif_exspensive
I Have:  Jose
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I set the Inter Field Separator IFS to comma so the for loop runs over the fields. I do it in a sub shell ( ) so it doesn't affect the parent's IFS although you could set it back again to space, after the for loop. –  X Tian Feb 5 '13 at 16:19

Collapse this into the simplest possible construct. Put returned recordset into a bash array (for example):

sqlQuery=( pases_value ventas_value ventas_entradas_value recintos_value )

note: yours could look like:

sqlQuery=( $(mysql -h host ... )

new lines between the array operators "(" and ")" are ok

each will be in a distinct sqlQuery array location. for example return: recintos_value

echo ${sqlQuery[3]}

concat all:

echo ${sqlQuery[*]}

if delimiters are of concern, use the mysql --delimiter switch to define a desired character, then

set concatValue=${sqlQuery[*]}

then to remove the delimiter character ("," for example):

set finalValue=${concatValue//,}
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