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The bio.infer package contains a data frame /usr/lib/R/library/bio.infer/data/itis.ttable.rda that needs to be modified.

After loading the bio.infer package and attaching the data frame with the data() function, I wrote the data frame to a text file with write.table().

Using emacs I added another row to the data frame then applied read.table() to create a data frame, but it's in my pwd, not the R library data subdirectory for the bio.infer package.

What is the R function to copy/save/write either the text file or the local copy of itis.ttable to /usr/lib/R/library/bio.infer/data/itis.ttable.rda? I've looked in the R docs and my library of R books without seeing how to add this row to the library's data frame.

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Why do you want to change the data that comes with the package rather than creating a new copy? For one thing, if you update the package you'll just end up losing your changes. –  David Robinson Feb 5 '13 at 15:44

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Use load and save with rda files.

#Path to the data file
fname <- system.file("data", "itis.ttable.rda", package = "bio.infer")

#Load data into new environment
e <- new.env()
load(fname, envir = e)

#Manipulate it
e$itis.ttable <- rev(e$itis.ttable) #or whatever

#Write back to file
save(itis.ttable, file = fname, envir = e)

Though as David Robinson mentioned, you probably shouldn't be overwriting the copy in the package. It is likely more sensible to make your own copy.

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Thank you, Richie. There are two reasons for editing the data that came with the package: 1) to add a taxon that is not in the data frame and 2) because other bio.infer functions use that data frame and not the one in my project subdirectory. –  Rich Shepard Feb 5 '13 at 21:37

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