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TL:DR; version:

  • 2k lines in manifest, 4 intentfilter for one activity, 50 mimeTypes, 400 fileExtensions
  • app opens every file related to printing via action SEND (from txt to xls, tiff, vcs, ...)
  • but NO unprintable files (videos, apk and so on)

  • when opening a SINGLE file from a 3rd party explorer the filter works right

  • when doing the same for MULTIPLE files (SEND_MULTIPLE), the filter works right if ONE file matches


When using

List<ResolveInfo> resolveList = ctx.getPackageManager().queryIntentActivities(i, PackageManager.MATCH_DEFAULT_ONLY);

In the app for a Uri wich contains a Video (i.e., non-printable) my app IS offered, even if the intent filter in the manifest should filter that OUT. (As it does when opening a file from a 3rd party app.)

See docs: the manifest has to be right, but the query doesn't seem to filter... =/

Any Advices or ideas?

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