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I have the following code:


When i check my logs, this is what I get:

Tue Feb  5 11:49:53 2013: ostime:1360082993
Tue Feb  5 11:49:53 2013: random:0.84018771715471
Tue Feb  5 11:49:53 2013: 

I'm not getting any error messages.... Can you tell me why the call to randomeseed() is failing? I've also tried replacing the call to "os.time()" in the randomseed with a number... and that doesn't seem to work either.


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lua math.randomseed returns nothing

It's not supposed to. Lua functions are not required to return a values, and there's no real reason for randomseed to return anything.

Can you tell me why the call to randomeseed() is failing?

It's not.


I thought it would create a random number for me.

That's what math.random does. randomseed seeds the random number generator, which is to say it sets an initial value that the pseudorandom number generator uses to find the next pseudorandom value. For a given seed (including the default seed, i.e. you never call randomseed), you'll get the same list of pseudorandom values back every time.

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I thought it would create a random number for me... –  dot Feb 5 '13 at 18:26
Mike, thanks for the help, but I think you could spare us the obscenities. and for the record, many of us do try to do our own homework and read before posting. The docs i happened to read didn't provide me with all the info i needed to understand. gammon.com.au/scripts/doc.php?lua=math.randomseed. –  dot Feb 5 '13 at 18:31
your first stop for any issue with the standard libs for a language should be to go directly to the documentation: lua.org/manual/5.1 gammon posts some good stuff, but it definitely isn't on par with the reference manual –  Mike Corcoran Feb 5 '13 at 19:42
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