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Gist lets you embed a gist in a web page:

<script src="https://gist.github.com/dyoo/4627246.js"></script>

I was hoping I could have it display just a line range subset. (Use case: Write some code for a blog post in a single gist. Reference certain lines throughout the blog post discussing those lines.)

Is this possible? I can't find it documented, but is there some way to do it?

As an example of how I thought it might work, GitHub supports URIs with line numbers. For example, the #L4-L8 anchor in this:


I realize GitHub shows all lines with just those lines highlighted. Whereas I'm asking how to show just certain lines from a Gist. I mention this just for-example, how I guessed it might work.

p.s According to How do I embed a single file from a GitHub gist with the new gist interface?, it sounds like this recently moved in the opposite direction from what I'm asking: The ability to embed just one file from a gist recently disappeared. I want to display just certain lines from just one file. But I wanted to ask anyway. Also I think this is a distinct question from that, which is why I posted this instead of commenting the existing question.

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Actually the old method using the ?file= parameter still works but does not seem be implemented in the UI any longer. –  Adrian Feb 8 '13 at 12:18

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Gist API doesn't provide any such way to embed part of a gist. However you can do it yourself with javascript in your end. there is a good library you can use:


You can embed parts of a gist with this.

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This is a fork of github.com/blairvanderhoof/gist-embed which is regularly updated and includes a bunch of other features. –  Abadaba Dec 23 '13 at 7:06
2014-06-15: Updated answer's link to point to base over out of date fork: github.com/kashif-umair/gist-embed –  TomFuertes Jun 15 '14 at 16:49

What you need is this:


# Embed the file robertkrimen/gist-it-example/example.js
<script src="http://gist-it.appspot.com/github/robertkrimen/gist-it-example/blob/master/example.js"></script>

# Embed without a footer
<script src="http://gist-it.appspot.com/github/robertkrimen/gist-it-example/blob/master/example.js?footer=0"></script>

# Show only the first and second line
<script src="http://gist-it.appspot.com/github/robertkrimen/gist-it-example/blob/master/example.js?slice=0:1"></script>
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