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I'm using the @DeclareMixin provided by aspectjrt-1.6.11.

The situation is:

    public class anAspect {

      @DeclareMixin(value="@an.annotation.package.* *", interfaces = {
        FirstInterface.class, SecondInterface.class, ThirdInterface.class
      public AggregateInterface magicMethod(Object instance) {
        return new AggregateInterfaceImpl(instance);

      public interface AggregateInterface extends FirstInterface, 
        SecondInterface, ThirdInterface {

So when i compile via aspectj-maven-plugin-1.4, the compiler says that the factory method (magicMethod() in my case) does not return something that implements any of the interfaces implemented.

The problem came out when I've introduced the Second and Third interface in the AggregateInterfaceImpl.

Have you got any idea of the problem? Is there anything I did wrong?


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I've resolved this issue declaring different mixins attached to different factory methods.

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