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I am trying to get data from the marker array and call it back on the onmarkerclick function so I can go to a URL once a marker is clicked, everything I try seems to fail. I wish to add a URL in to the marker array and return this into the onmarkerclick. Thanks for your help in advanced:

                  map: 'world_mill_en',
                  scale: ['#C8EEFF', '#0071A4'],
                  normalizeFunction: 'polynomial',
                  hoverOpacity: 0.7,
                  hoverColor: false,
                  markerStyle: {
                    initial: {
                          fill: '#F8E23B',
                          stroke: '#383f47'
                  backgroundColor: '#383f47',
                  markers: [{latLng: [48.921537, -66.829834], name: "something", weburl : "/blah/foo"

            },{latLng: [45.995944, -64.171143], name: "something else", weburl : "/blah/foo"

                  onMarkerClick: function(events, label, index, weburl) {
                    alert (1+weburl);                
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So much coincidence, I faced the same problem yesterday only..:)

The solution I found was to create an array outside, and access it by the index in the click-function..

var markers = [
    {latLng: [48.921537, -66.829834], name: "something", weburl : "/blah/foo"},
    {latLng: [45.995944, -64.171143], name: "something else", weburl : "/blah/foo-else"}

                  markers: markers,
                  onMarkerClick: function(events, index,) {
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Thanks, you are an absolute legend. I have spent hours and days on this trying to figure it out.!!!! – D J Feb 6 '13 at 9:05

Just because I just solved this sort of problem a different way, and I'm feeling very clever for having done so, I will post my answer.

You can store arbitrary data using or javascript dom dataSets. Unless you have other SVG on your page with <circle> elements, you can iterate over all <circle> elements and give them data from an array. The indexes will match, but you can use data-index as a safeguard.

Pretty cool. Even though this is way old, maybe this alternative will help someone.

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