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For a school assignment, we have to make task about collision detection and I think using the turtle module in python will come in handy.

I now wonder how I can set the startpos (topleft of my turtle square) when starting my code. I don't seem to find it on the web which I find pretty weird.

And I don't mean that it starts from the middel and then goes to that position, now I really mean it starts there

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Just translate your co-ordinate system to that of the turtle. Say you want to start in the top left of the square - lets call that (0, 10) for arguments sake.

Now, whenever you need to specify a co-ordinate for the turtle, just translate it!

my_start = (0, 10)

If you want to move to (10, 10) - the top right corner, just provide the new co-ordinates:

>>> new_position = (10 - my_start[0], 10 - my_start[1])
>>> new_position
(10, 0)

(10, 0) is to the East of the turtle - in the turtle's co-ordinate system, but for you it's (10, 10) the top right! Everyone wins!


You could just do


but that's not nearly as fun :(

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