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Out of interest, I was trying to find a way to cast an integer to a String in Fortran77. I came across CHAR(I), but this converts the ASCII index I into the character in that postion. Is there a way to just simply cast an integer to a String in Fortran77? How about vice versa?

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The Fortran way is to write the value of the integer into a string variable; this operation is known as an internal write. I'm heading out the door now so won't check this, and I have an ethical objection to writing FORTRAN77 or helping anyone else write it, so make no guarantee that the following doesn't contain bits of more modern Fortran.

First declare a character variable to receive the integer

character(len=12) :: int_as_string

then write the integer into it as you would normally write an integer to any other channel such as stdout

write(int_as_string,'(i12.12)') my_int

I expect you'll want to set the format for writing the integer to something that suits you better

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yea I agree with you on the ethical objection part. thanks a lot! –  Hwa Soo Cho Feb 5 '13 at 17:50

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