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Using Hakyll that uses snap i started working on a routing server. Given the following code from their tutorials i can see the routing but i would like to have some different applications on their own subdomains like Is this possible using snap or any other Haskell server?

site :: Snap ()
site =
    ifTop (writeBS "hello world") <|>
    route [ ("foo", writeBS "bar")
          , ("echo/:echoparam", echoHandler)
          ] <|>
    dir "static" (serveDirectory ".")
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I haven't done this before, but this is what I would try:

Use the wrapSite function to conditionally use the routes for your subdomain and you can test which subdomain was requested with fmap rqServerName getRequest

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thank you for suggestion it seem to make sense theoretically but i don't know how to use snaplets. – Deck Pope Feb 9 '13 at 15:09
You don't have to use snaplets to use this. Just use rqServerName and getRequest. – mightybyte Feb 13 '13 at 2:05
also i don't have a clue about the context in that they have to be. The most feedbacker stuff on vhosts is this one but it "only" emits status ByteString messages, any further implementation using forwarding to routes being abolished by the necessity for vhosts to receive an Application, then everything is broken. This is not in Snap, i know but is the most expressive example found out there. So, please, if you have a hint on how to do it in Snap please write a line. Or i\'m too new to Haskell. maybe – Deck Pope Feb 15 '13 at 15:07

Thank you both for suggestions, i made it. I didn't used snaplets but i did use fmap rqServerName getRequest and the if-then-else statements. This is a piece of code.

skite :: Snap ()
skite = do
    req <- fmap rqServerName getRequest
    routes req
    routes req =
        if (req == "") then (site1) else pass <|>
        if (req == "") then (site1) else pass <|>
        if (req == "") then (writeBS req) else pass <|>
        if (req == "") then (writeBS "Nowhere to be found") else pass <|>
        ifTop (writeBS req)

I also created a gist with the full code here For further suggestions you are welcome.

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