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In Filemaker Pro 11, I've written a script that is script triggered to run on every instance of OnRecordLoad, however I don't want it to run when user is working in LIST or TABLE VIEWS.

Is there some code I can put at the beginning of my script that does something along the lines of this logic:

"If CURRENT VIEW does not = FORM VIEW then end script"

which would effectively end the script before it ran.

I'm new at working with FM and I can't figure out a way to check the current view status within a script. If that's not possible, is there a way to limit certain script triggers are enabled depending on which view (Form, List, or Table) the user is currently in?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Use the Get(LayoutViewState) function (http://www.filemaker.com/12help/html/func_ref2.32.50.html)

If[ Get ( LayoutViewState ) = 0 ]
    //They're in form view, do stuff
    //They're in list view or table view, skip
End If
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You script should include the following lines right at the beginning:

    Exit Script[]

That basically ensures that the script will only run when the user's layout is in Form View.

Get(LayoutViewState) returns:

  • 0 for form view,
  • 1 for list mode
  • 2 for Table view.

A similar function is Get(WindowMode) that returns:

  • 0 for Browse mode
  • 1 for Find mode
  • 2 for Preview mode

Hope this helps.

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