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I'm currently trying to integrate social sharing buttons onto my fancybox image popups. There is a JsFiddle which Fancybox has created to demonstrate how this would be done...but I'm using the "helper" > jquery.fancybox-buttons.js (see here). How do I combine both these custom solutions so that when the fancybox image pops up it has the social sharing buttons underneath (just like in the JSFiddle & has the button helpers?

Here's an example of my page's HTML for the Fancybox Gallery:

<div id="painting" class="content-pages">

    <a class="fancybox-buttons" href="painting/2011_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="paintings" title="Sed vel sapien vel sem uno"><img src="painting/2011_s.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    <a class="fancybox-buttons" href="painting/beginnings-3_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="paintings" title="Tegan Whitesel - Beginnings III"><img src="painting/beginnings-3_s.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    <a class="fancybox-buttons" href="painting/t-beginnings-i_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="paintings" title="Tegan Whitesel - Beginnings I "><img src="painting/t-beginnings-i_s.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    <a class="fancybox-buttons" href="painting/t-beginnings-ii_b.jpg" data-fancybox-group="paintings" title="Tegan Whitesel - Beginnings II"><img src="painting/t-beginnings-ii_s.jpg" alt="" /></a>
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First, you need to load the js and css button's helper files (located on the helpers subdirectory of the download.)

Second, add the buttons helper option to the custom script. You may want to disable the default close and arrows buttons so you use the buttons helper only.

So the code you have to add should be :

// other options
helpers: {
    title: {
        type: 'inside'
    }, //<-- add a comma to separate the following option
    buttons: {} //<-- add this for buttons
closeBtn: false, // disable default close
arrows: false    // disable default arrows

See the same modified JSFIDDLE.

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First off, thank you very much for helping. I'm loading the JS & CSS for the button's helper files...and I'm including additional JS & CSS files for the social buttons (very similar to your JSFiddle example), but for some reason stil no luck. Could it have to do with the class names I'm using? I think they're a bit different than what the default fancybox files dictate. My class for each image is fancybox-button & I am also using data-fancybox-group="paintings" to separate the each gallery type...here's a link to the page I'm working on: teganwhitesel.com/#painting - –  Forb3s Feb 6 '13 at 3:36
@Forb3s : I see the buttons, but I don't see the social media code inside the title as in the jsfiddle –  JFK Feb 6 '13 at 3:43
Do you mean the JS & CSS files being loaded in the <header> tag? The file with the code from the JS fiddle is titled fancybox/fancybox-social-buttons.js –  Forb3s Feb 6 '13 at 4:19
Well, the fancybox-social-buttons.js file has the social media code indeed, but that code has to be inside the .ready() method. Then you have the file fancybox-jquery-plugin.js with this code $('.fancybox').fancybox(); that overrides the previous fancybox settings. Don't over-complicate things and set only those scripts you need. –  JFK Feb 6 '13 at 6:19
ok... #1. so how do I place the social media code (which is held in the fancybox-social-buttons.js file) inside the .ready() method? #2 I've also removed any trace of the fancybox-jquery-plugin.js since it seemed like it was over-complicating things? Was that the right thing to do? –  Forb3s Feb 6 '13 at 17:44
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