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I would like to setup my gallery web page so that when a user clicks on the thumbnail image, a window pops up displaying a larger view of the image. I do not mean a pop up window as in a browser window but a window that is loaded within that same page and can be closed. I am not exactly sure how I would go about doing this. Any ideas?

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See Lightbox2.

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Thank you. My web host (currently free) does not allow AJAX and this works perfectly. Thank you again. – user Sep 24 '09 at 19:43
New link: – Simon Apr 30 '14 at 19:55

If you can use jQuery I would recommend


These are also very good





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And a third option: jQuery Tools overlay

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I believe the technique you're after is a lightbox (I think it was the first of these).

Thickbox is an awesome jQuery based clone, or there's about a million others out there :-)

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Much advance option would be Magnific Or Gettopup

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