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In Visual Studio 2010, I could mix VB and C# pages and usercontrols in the same website. Visual Studio 2012 doesn't seem to allow that. I created a C# web project and when I add some old pages done in VB, it lists the .ascx and .ascx.vb files separately and won't compile.

I have a bunch of old stuff that was done in VB so please don't tell me I have to convert it all to C# before I can use VS2012.


It's ASP.NET web forms.

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Your problem is probably the fact that you've said yourself, you've created a "Web Project" vs "Web Site". Web Project is compiled by c# or vb compiler into a DLL and can't contain different languages. Web site is compiled by ASP.NET and each page compiled on its own.

I am sure that you're facing this "phenomenon"

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Ah, right. stackoverflow.com/questions/1977220/… –  Robert Harvey Feb 5 '13 at 20:39
T.S. was exactly right and fully explained it. Thank you! –  Gatorfreak Feb 8 '13 at 17:38

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