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I use a Jasper as a report engine (using iReport-4.0.0)
My datasource is XML file datasource and use XPath expression when filling the report
For example
Sample Data


And my XPath expression is that


The issue happened when No data such that



My need to show all section of the report without detail (because there is no data)
Although i set "When No Data" property with "All Sections,No Detail"
But still not work
No data is equivalent to the previous XML NOT like that

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what do you mean by "still not work"? –  onepotato Feb 7 '13 at 1:19

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In order to avoid this best is to define a printWhenExpression for the detail band.

in iReport: click in report inspector on detail band, in properties panel modify printWhenExpression to $F{StdntCd} != null : this will only show students that do have a code other than null.

If you utilize the REPORT_COUNT variable, you will need to add a custom variable instead:

  • type: java.lang.Integer
  • Calculation: Sum
  • Expression: $F{StdntCd} == null ? 0 : 1
  • Initial value: 0

This will allow you all the time the correct output, assuming that the field StdntCd can never be null if valid data is provided.

If your report runs with a different language than groovy you might need to adjust the expressions.

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