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I'm trying to make a function in Matlab that blurs my image. I'm using Matlabs demo image peppers.png.

Here is my function:

    function g = myfilter(f, h)

    f = double(f); %convert to double
    g = zeros(size(f)); %new array (size of f)
    a = (size(h, 1) - 1) / 2; %padding on edges

    for row = (a + 1) : (size(f,1) - a)
        for col = (a + 1) : (size(f,2) - a)

            gxy = 0; %running sum

            for m = -a:a
                for n = -a:a

                    gxy = gxy + f(row - m, col - n) + h(m + a+1, n + a+1);

            g(row, col) = gxy;

    g = uint8(g); %convert back to int

Here are my commands:

    >> img = imread('peppers.png');
    >> imshow(img)
    >> imgGray = rgb2gray(img);
    >> imshow(imgGray)
    >> filt1 = (1/9)*ones(3)

       filt1 =

        0.1111    0.1111    0.1111
        0.1111    0.1111    0.1111
        0.1111    0.1111    0.1111

   >> test = myfilter(imgGray, filt1);
   >> imshow(test)

It successfully converts the colour image to grey and applies the filter.

Unfortunately, the filter just creates a nearly complete white image (too bright)... I simply can not see why... It should be taking an average of each pixel using the 3x3 filter... Is anything obvious to you guys to why this is happening?

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Simple arithmetic typo.

gxy = gxy + f(row-m, col-n) + h(m+a+1, n+a+1);

Should be: gxy = gxy + f(row-m, col-n) * h(m+a+1, n+a+1);.

It works fine and now creates a blurry image.

Instead of multiplying f and h, they were being summed in the code above which does not conform to the spatial-domain image filter that is defined by a 2D convolution. Matlab was executing the function correctly, however introduced anomalies(or unexpected results) even though the filter functioned correctly with a different arithmetic operator.

Problem solved.

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You need to see the conv2 function of MATLAB. The following function for 2D convolution has been extracted from conv2 and works great for your given filter.

function c = myfilter(a, b)
 [ma, na] = size(a);
 [mb, nb] = size(b);
c = zeros( ma+mb-1, na+nb-1 );
    for i = 1:mb
        for j = 1:nb
            r1 = i;
            r2 = r1 + ma - 1;
            c1 = j;
            c2 = c1 + na - 1;
            c(r1:r2,c1:c2) = c(r1:r2,c1:c2) + b(i,j) * a;
c = uint8(c)
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