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I am using Atmosphere and SpringMVC in a project. Without using Atmosphere servlet all is right. But when I set the Atmosphere servlet in my web.xml all the field in forms are corrupted.

By example in a login when asked for email, user enter: "user@user.com" But in server it is parsed like: ["user@user.com","user@user.com",null]

That happends in all the fields.

I realize that it happends in the method:

public Action doCometSupport(AtmosphereRequest req, AtmosphereResponse res) throws IOException, ServletException {
    Action a = null;
    try {
        configureRequestResponse(req, res); // in this method the value is correctly: ["user@user.com"]
        a = asyncSupport.service(req, res); // in this the value is generated again but corrupted like the example: ["user@user.com","user@user.com",null]

The code in web.xml is like this:


What is wrong or miss?? is something aditional in web.xml that I have to set? or is a bug in Atmosphere (I don't think so)?

Thanks in advance

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Which version of Atmosphere are you using? This issue has been fixed IIRC.

-- Jeanfrancois (creator/lead of Atmosphere)

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Thanks for response. I am using the last available for maven: 1.1.0.beta2 –  Alvaro Feb 6 '13 at 12:00
Actually, I tested with 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT and 1.0.0 versions and it works. Maybe in that beta version something was broke. Thanks again. –  Alvaro Feb 6 '13 at 17:48
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