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I'm a asp.net developer and I'm using the HTML5 offline features but the FALLBACK isn't working as I expected: when the server is down, instead the page listed of opening the page in FALLBACK is presented the browser standard page of no connection.

In the manifest file I tried: FALLBACK: * /Default.htm

and I tried: FALLBACK: / /Default.htm

and the "default.html" page is never opened when the server is down.

I tried in Google Chrome and in Firefox and result is the same.

What I'm doing wrong? Someone can help me?

Regards, Carlos Pinheiro

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Can you post enough code to reproduce the issue? –  Ryan Gates Feb 5 '13 at 19:10
I have the same problem. I want a way to test it locally. Just getting off WAMPSERVER isn't enough. –  felipe.zkn Nov 28 '13 at 23:21

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I had a similar issue. Followed every resource online and the only detail that made my manifest work was removing the prefixed '/' before the fallback url.

In your example, change /Default.htm to Default.htm.

FALLBACK: / Default.htm

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