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for a wep-app i'm writing i need to get de base64 encoding of a file without sending any information to the server. i got everything working on firefox and chrome but ofcourse IE is not working.

the code is as follows:

1  $(document).ready(function() {
2      $("#in").change(load_picture);
3  });
5  function loaded_picture(evt)
6  {
7      var data =;
8      $("body").append("<img src='"+data+"' width='100'  />");
9      console.log(data);
10 }
12 function load_picture(evt)
13 {
14     console.log(evt);
15     var f =[0];
16     var reader = new FileReader();
17     reader.onload = loaded_picture;
18     reader.readAsDataURL(f);
19 }

i'm using the newest jquery, there is a input box of type file in the body with id="#in".

Firefox works like a charm but in IE there does not seem to be a array. is there any way to do the same in IE?


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I might be wrong but I think your best bet would be to use Chrome frame or something like this as per Dean Edwards. Since IE9- version does not support the feature that you are looking for.

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