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I am on Windows platform and I have coded in the AutoIt Script language till now and I managed to create a second hidden desktop with the CreateDesktop API , I know how to switch between desktops or how to open a specific program. But I want to know if its possible , after creating the second desktop, to send WM_ messages to a window opened on the 2nd desktop, while I navigate on the first(main) one.

I tried (while on the first desktop - desktop not switched):

  • sending a SW_MAXIMIZE/MINIMIZE/HIDE message but that window opened on the 2nd desktop didn't did anything at all.
  • getting a screenshot of the window with the PrintWindow API which worked when I captured a window from the first desktop.

So it seems that after creating the second desktop if not switching to it, it is impossible to even communicate with the windows from it, even at a lower level ! Thats why Im asking the experts with more experience than me if its possible to accomplish what I want. I need just some 'shortcuts' with what API to use if so, I dont need any sc. Thanks alot .

EDIT: For who wants to know why I post this question, is because I need to create a "Virtual Desktop" for my backup program and other scripts for Windows that requires a full non-disturbing actions, while working on PC. Thankyou :)

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Why not use another form of IPC that you can secure with an ACL? Like a named pipe. Then you can communicate across sessions even. –  David Heffernan Feb 5 '13 at 22:22
Are you sending the messages from code running on the hidden desktop? Window messages can't cross desktops, AFAIK. –  Harry Johnston Feb 6 '13 at 5:00
David Heffernan, so to create a pipe to communicate between the processes, sounds nice, I will investigate further on this and try it! Harry Johnston, thankyou for letting me know that, yes thats what I tried to do and didn't know why it doesn't work, now I know,thanks ! –  Dumitru Tatica Feb 6 '13 at 12:30

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