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Is there a way to tell Vim what to do every time I'm about to close a file? Specifically I am asking because I don't want to make a call to :mkview all the time, especially since I forget it most of the time... So can I tell Vim to call :loadview when I open a file and :mkview when I close it?

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The best answers are often in Vim's help, if you know what to search for. In this case, one possible solution is at :h :loadview:

To automatically save and restore views for *.c files:
    au BufWinLeave *.c mkview
    au BufWinEnter *.c silent loadview

You can modify this to suit your own needs. To make it apply to all filetypes, use * instead of *.c. To make this happen at Vim startup and exit, use the events VimLeave and VimEnter instead of BufWinLeave and BufWinEnter.

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Thank you very much! – derwahre_tj Feb 5 '13 at 19:44
Worked like a charm. – derwahre_tj Feb 5 '13 at 20:10

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