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First my PIC is 16f1625 and I use MPLAB 8.86 for programming it. My problem is simple, I have communicating between PC and PIC,PC sends one byte and PIC reads this byte, and do something. My problem is that I would like to improve this for like this, PC send one letter like "R" and after he send the number that I'd like to set. Today i only have 4 possibility, PC send 0,1,2 or 5 and I set the resolution according to these.

switch(i)    {
    case 1:
        pulsesPerMm = 10;
    case 2:
        pulsesPerMm = 20;
    case 5:
        pulsesPerMm = 51;
    case 10:
        pulsesPerMm = 102;


I receive the command like these:

while(!RCIF)    /* set when register is not empty */
return RCREG;   

Now I want to do something like this: I receive "R" that indicates that the next word will be resolution and after these, 2 bytes, that will be the new resolution and i will only have to do is convert the string into int (using atoi) and then i can set the pulsesPerMm. The problem is that I have other commands that only requires one letter, so I don't want to change these.

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Switch on rx chars instead of numbers then, in your 'R' case block only, call the getChar() function to return the next two chars and atoi() them.

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I don't understand. When PC transmits the data, it only send i don know when it is, and it will send in series without break so I think i don't have time to identify the byte as 'R'. –  Daniel Seerig Feb 5 '13 at 19:43

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