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I have a python package that uses both wxPython and matplotlib. To get non-blocking windows, I tried starting IPython like this:

# ipython --pylab=wx

When I do this, the IPython prompt appears and a wx icon appears in my OS X panel but the IPython command line freezes immediately (I have to CTRL-Z and kill the process to exit). I get the same behavior if I start it using "ipython --pylab" with the matplotlib backend set to "WX" or "WXAgg" in my matplotlibrc file.

I can start IPython with

# ipython --pylab=osx

But when I run any command that creates a wx window, I get an error stating that the wx.App must be created first. So to make it work, I have to start IPython in osx mode as above and then immediately type

In [1]: import wx

In [2]: app = wx.App()

I am seeing this on OS X 10.6 with wx 2.9. I get the same behavior whether using Ipython + packages installed natively or via macports. I do not see this behavior when running on RHEL 6.3 with wx 2.8.12.

How can I eliminate the need for this hack and get it started correctly?

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are you using a 64bit python? I ran into similar problems using Enthought, and wxpython is not available for the 64 bit version. See support.enthought.com/entries/… –  flebool Mar 6 '13 at 16:36
I am using 64-bit python. I am able to get wx working, as described above. I just don't understand why I need the hack I used or if there is a way around it. –  bogatron Mar 9 '13 at 0:14

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