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I am using storyboard in corona sdk. My motto is to go from one state of screen to another and then return to the same state of first screen. So while i transited from first to second and neither purge the scene nor remove it from the memory. But when I go back to again first scene its create function is called again, although the first scene is in memory.

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create is called again, or enterscene? – speeder Feb 7 '13 at 12:59
Do you have the autopurge turned on? (storyboard.purgeOnSceneChange = true)? Could you be running low on memory which would trigger a purge in the background? – Rob Miracle Feb 8 '13 at 2:09

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if you do storyboard.gotoScene("previousone") from the second scene and getting a new 'previous' scene then:

  1. you might have auto purge on

    (storyboard.purgeOnSceneChange == true)

  2. you might be getting memory warning on runtime - you can check it with this code:

    local function handleLowMemory( event ) print( "memory warning received!" ) end

    Runtime:addEventListener( "memoryWarning", handleLowMemory )

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