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I have a dxDBInspector that I need to highlight one row (edtSDate) out of nine in green. The color properties change the colors for all rows within the inspector.

I tried:

edtSDate.Inspector.Canvas.Brush.Color := clGreen;

I also saw How in a Delphi dxDBGrid can I change the color of a single row?

But the dxDBInspector does not have OnCustomDraw / OnGetContentStyle events.

The exact component is a dxDBInspector from Dev Express, and I am on Delphi 7.

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You should consult Support Center at DevExpress. –  Raw N Feb 6 '13 at 9:03

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Changing the variables in the OnDrawValue event fixed this for me. I was having trouble figuring this out because there was existing code (legacy project) that was auto assigning this event to make all inspectors match, but once I bypassed that it was simple.

All I did was assign clGreen to the variable AColor created by the onDrawValue event for the row.

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