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Oracle finally released the 64-bit Instant Client 11.2 for OS X last week. I got it all installed and set up on Mountain Lion, and sqlplus works great. However, I can't build anything with the SDK.

For past versions of Instant Client, to build stuff like DBD::Oracle, the secret was to create a /b/ directory (yes, in the root directory) with the appropriate symlinks. On Snow Leopard, one needed to create /b/227/rdbms/lib as a symlink to $ORACLE_HOME. Another, older document in my company's Wiki talks about /b/729/rdbms/lib. Neither of these works the 11.2 Instant Client, IME. Sadly.

I tried greping the Instant Client libraries, and there I do see a reference to /ade/b/2649109290/oracle/rdbms/lib, but that doesn't work, either.

So what magical combination of hard-coded directories and symlinks do I need to put into my root directory in order to build on top of this thing?

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Oy, it looks as though this release is broken. FFS Oracle! –  theory Feb 5 '13 at 21:08

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On Mac OSX you normally use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the libraries. Also watch this thread on OTN: Thread: OS X Users! 11gR2 Oracle Instant Client 32 & 64-bit is now available. There is an unresolved reference to _C_SendHTTPRequest.

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As of the latest release, I did not need to create those hack symlinks at all. WINNING!

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