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How can I use jQuery's $.ajax() function inside an angularJS controller (instead of angularJS built-in $http) so that the $scope values can be accessed from a view/template later?

I have this somewhat minimalistic angularJS controller:

function UserCtrl($scope, $http) {
    $.ajax('http://localhost:8080/admin/user/johndoe').success(function(data) {
        $scope.user = data;

And in the view something like:

<h1>Hello, {{ user.Username }}</h1>

However, the <h1> in the view will be empty on load, altough a console.log() in the controller tells me that $scope.user is populated just as I want.

Now, If I replace the $.ajax() call with $http.get() everything works fine as expected.

I know of $http that is angularJS built-in, but since I am not starting from scratch but have already lots of code that uses jQuery throughout, I want to stick to jQuery for $.ajax().

Any ideas?

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Because using jQuery ajax is out of the world of angular, you need to wrap your $scope assignment inside of

    $scope.user = data;

Angular's $http comes pre-built with the digest cycle triggering mechanism.

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