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I followed the installation notes C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\doc\installation-notes.html

  1. Edited the postgresql.conf file shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/plugin_debugger.dll'
  2. Stopped and Restarted the PostgreSQL service in pdAdmin
  3. Went into database and ran CREATE EXTENSION pldbgapi; which returned with success.

But when I right-click on a function in the treeview of pgAdmin, there's no debug option and the debugging option is grayed out on the Tools menu.

pl/pgsql Debugger

The package includes EnterpriseDB's pl/pgsql debugger plugin which may be used by the debugger UI in pgAdmin to help with development of your database functions. The debugger plugin is disabled by default for performance reasons. To enable it, follow the following steps: 1.Edit the postgresql.conf file in the data directory and modify the shared_preload_libraries config option to look like the following, if running on Linux or Mac: shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/plugin_debugger.so' or if you are on Windows:
shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/plugin_debugger.dll'

2.Restart the PostgreSQL server.

3.Run CREATE EXTENSION pldbgapi; in the database you wish to debug using psql or the pgAdmin query tool.

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One has to go into the Server Configuration on the Tools menu and enable shared_preload_libraries item by checking the checkbox next to it. Editing the configuration file and bouncing the database server alone don't enable the debugger in the database.

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