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If you have a string (from a computation..) like a1E¹+a2E²+a3E³ where E^i=exp(i*k*τ) is there a way to extract only the term for E^i?

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would you mind to share a bit more of your code? – fpe Feb 5 '13 at 21:36
it's still a bit cryptic and I guess you mean E^1 term. – fpe Feb 5 '13 at 21:50
this question doesn't make sense. do you mean you have a bunch of data generated by a1 exp(..) + a2 exp(..) + ...? – thang Feb 5 '13 at 22:36

Assuming your string is called s, and it looks like this:

s = 'a1 * exp(k*t) + a2 * exp(2*k*t) + a3 * exp( 3 * k * t ) + ...';

(I have had to extrapolate a bit... your question was rather incomplete).

you can use expression matching to find the components you're after. Notice first the + sign only occurs between terms; we can use the strtok function to split it at these points. It doesn't matter whether a1 is a number or a variable - as long as it's not an expression that includes the '+' sign. If it does... see below. If you need the nth term, you would say

remain = s;
for ii=1:n
  [tok remain] = strtok( remain, '+'); % split on the '+' sign, return text after in remain

At the end of this loop, tok contains the nth part of the expression, that is

an * exp( n * k * t )

Now, you split this at the part before exp by searching for that string:

sf = strfind( tok, 'exp' ); % returns the starting index of the string 'exp'
myFactor = tok(1:(sf(1)-1));   % returns the bit before 'exp'

This should be your answer... if I understood your question. If I didn't understand your question, this is complete gibberish.

Disclaimer: did not have matlab handy to run/test code; potential errors / offsets / reversed arguments, etc. Should be trivial to fix.

Addendum: if the an terms include + signs, you would have to split the string on 'exp' rather than on the + sign - the strfind function will in fact return an array of matches, so

sf = strfind( mystring, 'exp' );

would return an array of the starting points of all the 'exp' substrings. You might be able to take it from there - but as I said above, without much more detail about your string format it is hard to give a general solution...

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