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I have a <div id="A"></div> containing a logo and navigation menu at the top of my website. I have applied a class to the div which is causing a CSS slide down effect when items load. Naturally, the logo's image is loading slower because the menu is just rendering text buttons. I want the image to load first and then the <div id="A"></div> to slide down.

    //I want the slide down effect to take place here.

I appreciate any help.

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If you are using a class, then remove the class from the HTML and add it in your jQuery.

However, since you're using jQuery to see if the image has loaded, you might as well use a jQuery .animate function, since it'll work in more browsers that way.

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Well, I've tried your solution, yet it's not working. Here's my jsFiddle – level3 Feb 6 '13 at 16:53

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