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I meant, I don't need all the ".bzr" folders under each directory (I may have hundreds of nested ".bzr" folders); I want to check out those actual files only. Thanks!

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Are you really sure you have hundreds of nested ".bzr" folders? There should be only ONE .bzr folder per project, right at the top level directory of the project, no additional .bzr folders in subdirectories. (You might be mixing it up with Subversion?)

It seems that maybe you want to get all the project files without any .bzr folders or Bazaar files. If that's the case, cd to your project and run any of these commands:

bzr export /tmp/project-as-dir  # export files into a directory
bzr export /tmp/project.tar     # export files into a tar file
bzr export /tmp/project.tar.gz  # export files into a tar.gz file
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Yes, I mixedem up with subversion..., and bzr export is what I am looking for. –  Hailiang Zhang Feb 5 '13 at 23:35

Simply remove the folders, e.g. using find -type d -name .bzr -exec rm -rf {} +

Note that you won't be able to use bzr in that copy anymore (i.e. you can't commit stuff etc.).

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