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Suppose I have a table, TeamRatings, that looks something like this



Also, it is assumed that a team's rating remains unchanged until they play a new game, (representing a new record). E.g. The Broncos' rating on date 10/21/2012 is assumed to be 102.8

I want a query with a date parameter, that will return one record per team represnting that team's most recent game prior to the date specified. For instance,

If I input 10/23/2012 as my date parameter, the query should return



Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Which rdbms are you using? – Tim Schmelter Feb 5 '13 at 22:11
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On MS SQL Server 2005 or greater you can use a cte with ROW_NUMBER function:

     AS (SELECT team, 
                rn = Row_number() 
                         partition BY team 
                         ORDER BY valuationdate DESC) 
         FROM   teamratings 
         WHERE  valuationdate < @DateParam) 
SELECT team, 
FROM   x 
WHERE  rn = 1 
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You can use a more general query like this:

select Team, x.ValuationDate, Rating
from TeamRatings inner join
 select Team, max(ValuationDate) as ValuationDate
 from TeamRatings 
 where ValuationDate < @dateParameter
 group by Team
) x on TeamRatings.Team = x.Team and TeamRatings.ValuationDate = x.ValuationDate
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