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I was wondering how to create a PHP search form to perform a search function in three tables: phones, manufacturer and operatingsystem. The user will search for a price i.e. typing "350" would search the Price field in the phones table and display all items worth 350 and under or searching for "Android" would search the operatingsystem table and display all phones that run Android.

However, the operatingsystem table has a primary key called OSID but the phones table has a foreign key referencing the OSID. How would I get it to pull up results based on a search for Android when the phones table contains the ID rather than the name of the OS?

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Hope I understood well...

you have a table: phone , it has the ID of the reference from the table operating_system, and the same with manufacturer, so, for example, i have in operating system's table entries like


  1. samsung
  2. Nokia
  3. Iphone

and manufacturer

  1. Mac
  2. Nokia

so, in my table phones I have something like

id / name / operating_system / manufacturer / price

1 / samsung galaxy / android / samsung / 300usd

so, If you want to show all the details for a search for phones under 350 usd u need to do something like this

select * from operating_system, manufacturer, phones
where phones.operating_system = operating_system.id
and manufacturer.id = phone.manufacturer
and phone.price < 350

and later show the results..

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And what about creating a fourth table that indexes the content of all the other tables?

You could set up this table to have a primary key (auto increment), a second field (0, table 1; 1, table 2; 2, table 3) and a third field with a foreign key that references to the element in the specified table. Then a last field will include a single word.

The search query may be splitted into words and queried against this fourth table.

And then SELECT and JOIN the matches looking for them in the 3 original tables...

Then in the front end you could add some css classes to allow the user to fastly filter (jquery) and keep only a certain type of results so you (she, in fact) remove the false-positives while still allowing the user to change her mind.

Good luck,

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You could have different form inputs for different data. That way, you'll know what data to plug into which part of the SQL query.

Though, reinventing the wheel is not a typically recommended activity for a developer in 2013. You could use something that already exists, like Sphider. There are many alternatives to this, I'm sure, but it's a start...

A couple of advices, though:

  • NEVER EVER EVER trust the user. This includes stuff he's typing into a search box. Always escape it, to protect yourself against SQL Injections.
  • If you plan on doing client side validation using Javascript, then do it on the server-side too. Anyone can disable their Javascript in their browsers...
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I'm basically trying to find the simplest way to do it. – user2052241 Feb 5 '13 at 23:01

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